Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Media Exposure

Hello all. I just thought I would update you on where you can find our story online. The following is an email that my sister sent out. It gives all the links where you can see our news coverage online. There are also some comment boards if that is something that interests you.

To all those who may be interested:

My sister, Heather Larson, lost her 6-month old adopted son last night to the Ojibwe Indian Tribe after a lengthy court battle. Needless to say, it was devastating to everyone involved. Before Talon was born, the birth mother sought to place her child for adoption and personally chose Heather and Clint as the adoptive parents. 24 hours after he was born, she signed away her rights to Talon and a few days later, Heather and Clint were able to take him home. His birth mother was on drugs so Heather had to nurse this innocent baby through a drug addiction and of course, Heather, Clint and their 7-year-old son Kade bonded with him instantly. Shortly after returning home, the birth mother went to the tribal council and changed her mind. Even though in her repeated phone conversations with Heather she stated that she did not want him back. Regardless, the tribe pursued getting the child back. The tribe has deemed the birth mother unfit and now Talon will be going straight into foster care. He is such a sweet, beautiful baby and this is such a tragedy. They held a rally for him last night and her house and yard were filled completely with people supporting her and her family as Talon was taken by the Indian Tribe. They all sang I Am A Child of God as Heather and Clint carried their baby to the car of the Tribal member. We are all truly heartbroken and sick that this could have happened. Three different news stations ran live footage of the event. If you are interested, you can view the stories at ; ; and . You would be looking for a story with a headline reading something like “South Jordan family loses adoption fight”. There was also a story in the Deseret News about this. Also, if you would like to see pictures or know more about the situation, go to .

I would like everyone to know that Heather and her family will be on Good Morning America tomorrow morning (Tuesday, 12/16). I don’t know the exact time but if you are interested, please watch.