Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Hello everyone. I thought you would like to see pictures of Talon. Natasha sent them to me via picture message on my phone so they are a bit pixelated. She says that he is crawling and is pulling himself up on the couch. She also said that he has 7 teeth.
In regards to the call from a couple weeks ago, she was wanting to know if he had any ear infections while he was with us. Apparently he has had two since being back in Minnesota. She also needed to know the name of his doctor here, as well as what hospital he was born in. It was a very interesting conversation.
Kade has been having a hard time again the last week or so. He has come to us crying that he wants Talon back a few times. He has another counseling session this week. I hope it helps. Heaven knows I don't know what to do. I wish I could take away his pain. It breaks my heart as his mother to see the pain that I sometimes feel I forced on him.
We continue to pray for a miracle that will bring this sweet spirit back to us, and thank you all for your prayers as well. We miss him dearly.
Hope all is well with you and yours. Have a great week.


Taylor's said...

Is that a bag of garbage that is behind him in the crawling picture? Crazy!

I can't believe how much he is able to do now and it still looks the same to me as he did in the newborn photos.

And you would think the birth mother would remember where she delivered . . .that is just crazy!

We are continuing to pray for your guys!

Anonymous said...

You can just tell what a special little boy he is from those pics. I pray for your family and for Talon. I still have hope you can be with your son. Continue to have strength and persistence. You are a dedicated mom to your family. That breaks my heart to hear about your son crying for his brother. I will continue to pray for your family.

Jensboys said...

I hope it brings you some peace to see that he looks happy and healthy. Yes, different circumstances than he would have had with you - but I know how much those glimpses both hurt and help.

"Our baby's" mother called me last night drunk out of her mind and needing a ride. I went to see her and got to hear all about how she was taking "baby" (now 3 years old and out of our home for 2 years) to court with her today and that she still loved me so much etc, etc, etc. It hurts. I know how much it hurts, but at the same time those updates are precious.

Still hugs and prayers.


Lisa said...

I am sad how Kade feels...grief and he needs Talon back. Heavenly Father will comfort him. Activities, family party, slumber overnight, and something keep him busy and help him enjoy himself.

Heather and Clint, you are wonderful parents to help and support kade and aslo Talon, too.

I can't believe to see Talon in the picture. He really grow up to be big boy. I apprecaite the birth mother sent you the pictures of Talon. She still thinks of you and she doesn't forget you.

Take care of you, Clint, Kade and little Talon with good blessing.

Gina and Ethan said...

You are such an amazing woman and mother! You are doing such a great job! He is as darling as ever!
Gina (credit union :)

Texas Lisa said...

Why is she still contacting you? Do these pics help or hurt you? It stings me to see pics of our "almost son" and his BM changed her mind BEFORE birth so I can't imagine what it must be like for you to see your son but not have him. I don't understand why she calls you. Does she have him? I thought he was in foster care.