Friday, March 6, 2009

People Magazine

Just wanted to let you know that I talked to People Magazine on Monday. She said that the article was on hold and that she would call me on Wednesday when she got back to the office. I have not heard from her yet. I am going to give her a call today and hopefully get some answers.

P.S. I got a new job last week. That is part of why I haven't had time to update this as regularly as I would like. It is a good distraction, but definitely an adjustment of my time. Also, Natasha called last week, I will post about that conversation next.

Hope all is well with everyone! I thank my Heavenly Father every day for all the amazing support we have gotten. May God be with you all during the trials in your lives. I know he has been with me through mine.


Lisa said...


Thank you for posting update news. I apprecaite it. I know Heaveny Father always help and support you also upi have extra supports from your friends, families and people. I still hope you get Talon back.

I am happy you got a new job.

I miss to hear from you and I understand you are very busy and take care of other things.

My daughter Shirley is 38 weeks pregnant now. I still wait for her to have a new baby. After I help her one week or two weeks then I start to look for a part time job because I still go to school until December.

Have a good day. Tell Clint and Kade to say hello for me. I always think of you all.

Love Lisa R.

stayc said...

good luck with the new job sweetie! not acs, right? lol i'm glad you have something to help take your mind off of things. :D

Marisol said...

i am a birth mother and I will pray for you and wish you the BEST of luck and know that the Lord has his hand in all!!