Saturday, January 3, 2009

Another Article

Here is the link to yet another article. There are also 16 comments, which I found amusing. I think it is interesting that people can "not feel bad at all for the Larsons" when they obviously don't know the whole story. Anyways...the article was good.

Click here: Utah custody fight complicated by tribal law -


Lisa said...

Heather and Clint,

After giving birth, the woman who used drugs: meth, marijuana and Xanax, was arrested and is in the jail. The baby is in the state custody.

I think Talon's birth mother is in the same boat.

All of us are "human", nothing wrong with races. You are very good parents to take care of Talon since birth. Kade loves his brother Talon very much.

I pray for you to get Talon back soon.


Conniekins said...

Heather... I read the article and the posts. Very interesting. So sorry your family is going through this. We continue to pray for your family and the safe return of your son Talon. ((HUGS)) from afar...

I truly believe his destiny began when that women (after seeing her on the news and reading the things I have, I can not call her a mother in no way shape or form. Just because she gave birth doesn't make her a mother) chose to put Talon up for adoption. His destiny is with your family. Shame on the Tribe for taking that away and placing him in a foster home!