Monday, January 19, 2009

Web Sites

Here are some interesting websites that have been sent to me over the course of the last month. We have been getting so much support, and I know that there are several of you wanting more information, so feel free to read these articles. Some of them are quite lengthy and will take a while to read. Please don't feel you have to read them, just in case you want to. (this is where the comment came from that I posted recently) (this is the site of the lady that made the comment. LOVE this site) (this is her husband who is full blooded native from the same tribe as our birth mom. He was and AMAZING man) (this is an article about sovereign immunity) (this is more about Roland John Morris) (okay...honestly I haven't read this one yet. I can only spend so much time before I just can't read another thing, but I'd be interested to hear your comments if you read it.)

Enjoy. Keep spreading the news!!


coupon gal said...

Your blog is such a touching story and it keeps going. Thanks for the updates, we are still working on something in my neighborhood to help you. Hang in there, you are an amazing women you are going to make a difference.