Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The average day in the hospital

Talon was in the hospital for 9 LONG days. Two of those days, we didn't have access to him. The other days we spent as much time with him as possible. Kade went camping with Clint's family from Thursday through Sunday. The next three days he went to school and got off the bus with his cousins. I got to the hospital most days at around 9 am. I went to the nursery and got Talon, took him to the room they were letting me use, and spent the day there, getting visitors periodically, and taking him back every 4 hours for monitoring. Clint spent the days with me over the weekend, and during the week he would join me around 6 pm when he got off work. We would return the baby to the nursery at 7 pm, and leave for dinner until 8 pm. We would come back and get him from the nursery again, and Clint would leave at about 9 to pick up Kade and get him settled for the next day to begin. I stayed with Talon until around 11 pm. The room we were using was a triage suite, and didn't have a tv. We brought our dvd player with movies, and some puzzle books, so we wouldn't be so bored. I would go home long enough to sleep and get Kade off to school the next day. It was very tiring, but we weren't going to leave him at the hospital alone.