Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Over the weekend, we had heard that Natasha sent a notarized document revoking her relinquishment, but as far as we knew she couldn't do that. In the state of Utah once a birth mother signs relinquishment it is irrevocable. In other states there is a grace period where a birth mother can change her mind, but not in Utah. We were a little concerned that she would be able to do this because of the tribe (Ojibwa, a band from the Chippewa) but we tried not to think about it. Monday we heard that the tribe was going to fight for the baby. They sent a document to the agency claiming that they had jurisdiction over the baby and we were to return him immediately. I was at the hospital when the agency called me and gave me this information. They explained that they didn't think the tribe would get him, but that it was a possibility, and they asked if we wanted to give him back and get another baby, or if we wanted to fight for him. We told him that we wanted to keep him, he was our son. They were getting an attorney that specialized in Tribal law, and told me that they would keep me informed of what they found out. They also said that we were to keep Talon until all of this was worked out. We were all VERY upset when we found this out, and decided to take some time to think. We took Talon back to the nursery. When the nurse opened the door, she could tell that I had been crying and asked what was wrong. I told her what we had been told, and she put her arms around me and told me she was sorry. I told her I would be back, but that I needed some time. She told me to go home, and promised they would take good care of him. Clint agreed that is what we should do, so we went home. Clint's best friend Brian came over for support, and we decided to play Nintendo to take our minds off things. My sister Christi came over a little later, and both helped us so much by just being there.