Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Wait...

After the first two years of trying to conceive, we decided to put in our papers to adopt. We decided to go through LDS Family Services for many reasons, the biggest of which was the cost. We were told that the average waiting time was between 9 and 18 months, but that it could be considerably longer. We FINALLY got approved and were assigned a case worker. After 4 different case workers, and 2 1/2 years, we were informed that our profile had only been viewed twice. Frustrated by this fact, I started looking into other agencies. In December of 2007 we submitted our application with Heartfelt Adoption Agency. Within three months the director, Shauna, had shown our profile to 5 different birth moms. In February we also submitted our application with Heart and Soul Adoption Agency. We thought it couldn't hurt to get more exposure. At the end of March they told me of a situation: "The birth mom is 27, pregnant with her seventh child, a boy. She is Irish with 1/8 Native American. She has had regular prenatal care, and is healthy. She smokes, but does not drink, or do drugs. The birth father is Hispanic, and is on board with the adoption." They also told us that she didn't want to choose the family, so if we were interested, he was pretty much ours. I called Clint, and told him about the situation. He told me to go ahead with it. I called back and told them yes. She told me that she would talk to the birth mom and get back with me by Monday.