Sunday, September 14, 2008

Flying into Utah

After an entirely too long two months, Natasha arrived in Utah late on June 5th. She was seen by the doctor the next morning, and now the real adventure begins...

Friday March 6th, I pick her up from her doctor's appointment. I have the day planned out for us. First we go to the pharmacy to pick up some medications for her. Then we went to lunch. After that we went to WalMart to get pedicures. She LOVED it. She kept saying that she felt like a princess, which was my aim. I told her that she deserved it. She told the ladies doing our peds that she was carrying my baby. They were confused by that so I told them that I was adopting her baby. She said "NO! God pout this baby in my belly for Heather because she can't carry one herself. This is HER baby, not mine." I thought it was amazing that she could feel that way. After we were done, we walked around WalMart gathering some necessities for her for the next few days. After we were done at WalMart we went back to my house and had dinner. When dinner was over I took her back to her hotel. She asked me if I would come get her tomorrow. I told her that would be fine and we said goodnight.