Sunday, September 14, 2008

June 12 - Thursday

I got to the hospital at about 9 am. The nursery was always closed from 7-8 am and pm. That is when they do their shift change, and charts, so we had to have him in the nursery for that. When I walked in the nursery, I noticed they had moved him. He was now in the back of the nursery by his nurse. As I walked over to him, I questioned his nurse about his status. She said that he was doing a little better, and that they were able to take him off the monitors that morning. I noticed that his arm was still splinted, and asked what that was for, and they said that because it was so hard to get an IV they wanted to leave it in for a while, just to make sure he didn't need it, but that he hadn't needed it for a couple of days. I was so pleased, the blessing had worked. I was now able to take him out of the nursery. The hospital had a triage suite, that was not being used, so they allowed me to be in there as much as I liked. I took him out of the nursery and immediately began calling everyone I knew telling them they could come see him. We got visitors every day the remainder of our stay.


Christie said...

I'm so glad he's with you - thanks for sharing his story with all of us!