Sunday, September 14, 2008

June 8

Natasha called me while I was getting ready for church and told me that she hadn't slept well. She didn't want to come to church but still wanted to come to Clint's parents house. I told her I would come get her after church. When I got there I went up to her room and she was having a come apart. She said that she had talked to her mom and told her that she was placing the baby. She hadn't told her before that. She had also talked to her boyfriend (who we found out later was really her husband). He told her that he wanted out, and that as soon as she got back he was moving back to New York. She then confided in me that he was using drugs again. I asked what kind, and she said heroine. He had called her earlier in the week and gotten the phone number for the dealer (which she knew by heart). After she calmed down we went to meet my mom, step-dad, and grandpa. After visiting for a few minutes we left and on the way to Clint's parents house we went to an Indian Trading Post to get one last thing for the dream catchers. We left the store $50 later (should have been $6). We came by my house, picked up Clint and Kade, and went to dinner. We were late, so when we got there everyone had already eaten. We walked in, and I introduced her to everyone. When I was done, she said "and this is Clint and Heather's baby, Talon." After dinner the men gave her a blessing for everything to go well with the birth, and to give her peace when she signed the papers, and know that she was making the right choice. She thanked us, and told us that she felt so much better. We then took some pictures outside, and visited a while longer, then we took her back to her hotel. On the way there we talked about the next day. She wanted me there the whole day, and also wanted me to stay the night with her. She said she wanted me to act as if I were having the baby myself. I thanked her again and we said goodnight.