Sunday, September 14, 2008

June 11

This is the day that Natasha goes home. After I get Kade off to school I go over to the hospital to help her. We visited with the baby for a while in the nursery, then I walked her over to the pharmacy. We talked about the future and what times of the year she wanted pictures. When we got back to the hospital we went back into the nursery for a few minutes. Kade was leaving to go camping with Clint's family for the weekend, so I went to pick him up from school and take him to his cousins house. I went back to the hospital to pick up Natasha and take her to the airport. When I got there she wasn't ready, so I helped her finish packing, and off we went. She took her lunch from the hospital with her plate and all. She ate on the way and left her plate in the truck. As we said our goodbyes, we hugged, and she made me promise to take good care of the baby. I promised her he was in good hands, and with tears, she walked into the airport.

From the airport, I went back to the hospital to take the plate back. When I got to the nurses station Denise was there talking with the nurses. They decided to "band" me, meaning give me a wrist band so I had rights to the baby. I immediately went into the nursery and for the first time I got to hold Talon, my baby boy, without Natasha looking over my shoulder. I sat in the nursery with him for an hour and a half. I wanted to stay all night, but couldn't since he was still being closely monitored.

Clint and I met with Denise and Jane (from the agency) to sign our placement papers and give them the rest of the money. It was OFFICIAL!!!! In 6 months we would be able to finalize the adoption, and have him sealed to us. On our way back to the hospital we called Cody, Clint's brother, and asked if he could come over to the hospital and assist Clint in giving him a blessing. It was one of the most amazing moments I've ever had. They lay their hands on that beautiful baby, being careful of all his wires, and gave him a blessing of health. We went home, and slept well that night.


Jeni said...

Heather, what a little angel you have in your home. We are all praying hard that he gets to stay there where he belongs. I'm glad you put up a blog. I linked mine to it, hope that's okay - Hang in there! - Jeni williams