Monday, September 22, 2008

Natasha calls!!

Around June 27th, Natasha actually had the guts to call me. She asked how the baby was doing, and if he had been able to come home from the hospital yet. She asked if he was getting better, and I told her that I didn’t feel comfortable sharing that information. She continued to talk to me, telling me that I had promised that I would always tell her how he was. I told her that he was getting a little better all the time, but that was all I could say. She asked how Kade was doing with the baby, and I told her that he loved him very much, but was afraid that he was going to loose the little brother he had waited so long for. She told me that no one was going to take the baby, and that we didn’t need to worry about it. During this conversation, I got very frustrated with her. She asked what was wrong and I told her we didn’t understand why she was fighting for the baby. She said that she wasn’t fighting, that she was just trying to get Jose (her 4 year old) back. She said that she didn’t want the baby and that she wanted him to remain with us. I again asked, then why are you fighting for him. She said she wasn't and added: “why would I have come out to Utah, where I don’t know anyone, meet your family, come to your home, if I didn’t want you to have this baby.” I told her that is what we were all wondering. She again said that she was just trying to get Jose back and that we didn’t need to worry. I began to tell her what I had heard from the attorneys and realized that I was giving her more information than I wanted to. I told her that I had to go, and that I would love to talk to her again tomorrow. She told me that I was lying and that I wouldn’t answer the phone, to which I responded, that I had answered the phone today, and unless I wasn’t home would answer again tomorrow. If I wasn’t home for her to leave a message and I would call her back as soon as I could. I didn't expect to hear from her, and I didn't for another two weeks.