Sunday, September 14, 2008


On Monday, March 31, 2008 we got the call that send our hearts aflutter. WE WERE MATCHED!!! We couldn't believe it! After SOO long our dreams were going to come true! Her name was Natasha, and she was coming to Utah to live until she had the baby. She would be here Friday morning, and she wanted to meet us! That week was SO crazy. My head wouldn't stop spinning. Friday came, and though she got here safely, she and her 3 year old son were both having reactions to our Spring. Their allergies were out of control and they were miserable, so they would be flying back home early Saturday morning. Clint and I went up to Layton to meet with her before she left. When we met her, we were quite surprised. She didn't look Irish at all. She looked full blown Native. As we met with her, it was CRAZY to think that the bulge in her stomach would soon be our son. We visited with her for about half an hour, and our stomachs never left our throats. She showed us pictures of the rest of her children. She asked us questions, and we asked her some. We thanked her repeatedly for choosing us, and giving us this opportunity. Kade and Jose played together. Before leaving for the night we went and got her and her and Jose some food. When we brought it back, she asked me if I would join her in the delivery room, since she would be back for the birth. We wished her a safe flight and said goodbye.